FotoBuzz is a collaboration between world-renown wildlife photographer Andy Rouse and photographer, photography writer, editor and mentor Andrew James. Andy and Andrew shared a vision for a community where there was a rich seam of information mined by members; where members became the heroes that shaped the community and took part in activities aimed at keeping their enthusiasm for photography alive. With this blueprint in mind they created www.foto-buzz.com

FotoBuzz is the home of inspirational photography, expert tutorials and adventurous tales. It’s educational, fun and a great read, with stunning images, audio and video weaved into the articles. It’s a virtual camera club, an online photography resource that you can turn to at any time and get inspired or learn something new. Wherever you have access to the web - computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

FotoBuzz isn’t just for wildlife photographers either. While Andy delivers great wildlife advice, Andrew brings you general articles and advice on all manner of photography topics, while top specialists, such as the landscape photographer Guy Edwardes, contribute classes to help you learn.

FotoBuzz is a subscriber website. The membership fee is for the content, the ongoing development of the site and for our time and expertise. With membership you get access to a great team of experts who are hell-bent on ensuring you enjoy the site and get more from your photography.

4 great reasons to be part of the FotoBuzz experience...

Here you’ll read about Andy Rouse’s adventures and listen to him talk about the images that have helped build his worldwide reputation. Andy’s FotoStories appeal to both photographers and those who just love wildlife. If you happen to be passionate about both - that’s even better. We also bring you a monthly article on different UK locations where you can take your camera and get some great wildlife shots at the weekend.


This section is divided into a number of different areas but it’s all about learning and knowledge. Andy Rouse and Guy Edwardes bring you specialist subject classes on Wildlife and Landscape respectively, while Andrew James covers all the essential general camera skills you need to master. We also give very useful analysis of photographs in Image Talk and deliver all manner of tips, advice, and info in our FotoMix section. Whatever your level, beginner or long term enthusiast, we’re sure we’ll be covering ground that appeals to you.


FotoBuzz is a vibrant online camera club, where members share information and get together for social events. You can chat to other members in a safe environment, get peer opinions on your photos and meet your fellow FotoBuzzers at specially organised events where we all take photos, help out with advice and encouragement and have fun. You can also read our regular photography-based Rant and add your own comments to go with it.


An essential ingredient in the FotoBuzz philosophy is the regular FotoMission. You get a brief and a deadline and then take part in a fun but challenging photo competition. This gives your photography real purpose – a clear reason to exercise the skills you are a learning in other areas of the site. FotoMissions are on all manner of subjects and themes. They are open to all members and all camera types. You also get a chance to vote on the members’ images you like best when the deadline has passed and we be picking our favourites too. A selection of the voted for images, our favourites and others randomly selected by our system get expert feedback from us.

Don’t just take our word for it, read what our members think of FotoBuzz...

"FotoBuzz is an amazing resource. The articles are readable, relevant and most importantly, realistically achievable for most photographers. The online community that chat away in the ‘Lounge’ has as broad a range of experience as you are likely to find in one place. Plus you get Andy and Andrew to steer you along.”
Phil Abraham

"Fotobuzz is a fun place to learn new skills from the regular lessons and meet like-minded people with a passion for all types of photography. The lounge is a forum for the free flow of thoughts and ideas which often stretch beyond photography but always with good humour.”
John Chesham

"FotoBuzz gives great advice, a feeling of community and doesn’t judge us by our failures, merely sees them as opportunities for learning. It’s like having a friendly online mentor who really listens.”
Ian Hage

"If you love photography and are into pushing yourself harder to get better pictures, then this is the site for you.”
Naomi Stolow

"I’ve read the magazines and joined various online forums, but if you want advice and insight from top professionals who actually live photography and really know the score, FotoBuzz is the place to be. It’s a wonderful community of lovely people of varying abilities with the sole objective of improving together.”
Alex Day

"It’s like having an interactive magazine subscription for 365 days a year. After I posted a question – they created a tutorial for the photographic technique related to my question. You can’t get better than that!”
Kim Taylor

"FotoBuzz is a wonderful educational tool on so many levels.”
John Ellerington

"Fotobuzz has it all - informative and inspiring content you can’t get anywhere else in a really friendly environment (no endless arguing about gear or ripping images to shreds has happens on other sites). I can honestly say I’ve learned more in a few weeks as a Fotobuzzer than I have after months of reading camera mags and books!”
Jane Simmonds

"For skills and knowledge, the Rouse/James team on FotoBuzz have it in bucketloads and they share it all.”
Dave Curley

"I can only praise FotoBuzz. It’s a brilliant concept and the means to be able to contact like-minded members is awesome. Keep up the good work."
Richard Billingham

"Thanks to the site I am already going out with my camera more and trying different things. For me it’s a better investment than buying a coffee a day. Thanks Andy and Andrew, I love being part of this learning community.”
Victoria Caseley

"FotoBuzz is full of great articles, tutorials and interesting information. The lounge is always crowded with friendly and helpful people, chatting about photography and everything else!”
Tom Dullage

"It’s an innovative and vibrant community of people from all walks of life, with opportunities to learn from the experience and expertise of professional photographers. FotoBuzz is a great site, especially if you have a love of animals!"
Kate Boyce-Miles

"FBZ has opened a new world for me. Fantastic, understandable articles on so many different aspects of photography and a load of new friends too!”
Vicky Ruszala

"It is just amazing how caring the management of FotoBuzz is towards the community. Nearly everyday at least one of them is available in the Lounge and answers all the questions asked.”
Lukas Steigerwald

"Really pleased I’ve joined FotoBuzz, loads of content, great learning experience and the lounge is perfect for asking advice and general chitchat with liked-minded people. Would highly recommend joining if you want the inside track and be inspired by not only Andy and Andrew but also all the members.”
Duncan Harris

"Fotobuzz is much more than I dreamed it would be and far more than I expected! My advice is to join now, it’ll be the best money spent this year!”
Andy Stephenson

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