Need somewhere to go with your camera?

Getting out and about with your camera is a crucial part of the FotoBuzz philosophy...

Are you bored at home? Nothing on TV? Have you heard your camera sighing quietly to itself from inside your camera bag?

Okay, so we might be exaggerating a bit here for dramatic effect but we all know what it's like when we can't think of somewhere to go but need to get out taking some pictures.

To try and satisfy all your photography needs, wildlife ace, Rich Steel, will be writing a regular post on some of the best places around the UK to go and photograph nature.

He'll tell you where it is, how to get there, and importantly what you can aim your lens at when you get there. Of course, he will also illustrate the articles with his stunning pics too to inspire you to get out!

It's something for the weekend without having to visit the barber shop!

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