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In Fotostories you can follow the adventures of our resident bunny-hugger and top wildlife pro Andy Rouse as he travels to interesting locations right across the globe.

Packed with great photos, videos and typically irreverent 'Rousey' chat, all FotoStories are written for two very different audiences. For the wildlife lover and naturalist you can enjoy the trials and tribulations of Andy's antics and see some wonderful images. For the photographer in you we have asked Andy to analyse some of the pictures both from a technical and  a composition viewpoint. Check out our cunning 'info' boxes that can reveal hidden text when you click on them. And you might find you can tap a button and hear Andy talking directly about the images too!      

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"Our FotoStories zone aims to inspire you to love the natural world and to share Andy's passion for wildlife. Learn new techniques and skills from one of the leading professional wildlife photographers on the planet, right here right now....

Andy Rouse

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