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You can't take everything too seriously so our FotoRants are here to give every member the chance to get something off their chest, air that grievance and generally share their frustration at something from within the world of photography. It's all in the best possible taste of course but if you are already a gumpy old man or woman – or just in training – then you'll find something here that you can either nod your approval at or shake your head in disbelief. And you'll be able to leave your comments on other peoples' rants too – as long as they're lighthearted, irreverent, and articulate!

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    Got something you want to say? A view that makes your blood boil and your face turn the colour of a fresh Beaujolais? This is the place to air it!

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"We don’t take everything too seriously so our regular rant slot is an opportunity for us all to get something that really bugs us about the world of photography off our chest. It’s our homage to the Grumpy Old men generation..."

Andy Rouse & Andrew James

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