Are you ready for a fresh challenge?

FotoMission is designed to keep you actively taking pictures all year long.

We know how tough it is when photographer's block hits or when motivation to get out with your camera is waning. So instead of agonising over what, or even if to shoot, you can take part in every new FotoMission we set and keep honing your camera skills each time you venture out. 

A selection of photos from every mission will get professional feedback from our FotoBuzz experts. These images will be chosen by member vote, expert choice, and even the pick of a non-photographic jury so everyone has a great chance of getting a critique on their entry. 

So if you are ready for a challenge, join FotoBuzz today.

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    Get on a mission

    By joining FotoBuzz you'll be able to take part in our regular missions where we set you a brief and you put your creative thinking and camera skills to the test. It's a great way to keep your camera active.

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    Voting and feedback

    As a member you can vote for your favourite images and we'll be selecting photos for critique too. Critiques on a combination of both will be used to help everyone learn from a mission.

  • Join up today

    Membership to FotoBuzz lasts a whole year and gives you access to all the challenges and articles within the site.


Become a FotoBuzz Hero today!

"The regular FotoMission winner becomes our FotoBuzz Hero and will be put in the spotlight for an in-depth look at their photography. Plus, at the end of the year we'll have a FotoHero meet-up and a final challenge!"


Andy Rouse & Andrew James

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