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FotoBuzz is the brainchild of Andy Rouse and Andrew James. It started as a seed of an idea over a pint in the pub and has developed into a worldwide community of photographers who want to learn, have fun doing so and need a safe place online to do it. We don't pretend we're anything other than two blokes with passion for photography and a desire to create the best online photography community.

Andy Rouse

Wildlife photographer extraordinaire and more recently, aviation fanatic - Andy is a fun-loving, globe-trotting, pro photographer who puts energy and passion into everything he does. He is also an ambassador for Canon and Park Cameras. Check out more of his work at his personal site by using the website link below...

Andrew James

Pro photographer, journalist and tutor, Andrew has been an image-creator for longer than he cares to recall. A former editor-in-chief of Practical Photography, he also writes each month for Digital Camera Magazine - the UK's biggest selling camera magazine. Read more about him and his work on his personal website...

Jon Adams

Photoshop expert and former editor of Digital Photo, Jon brings an enormous wealth of knowledge to FotoBuzz


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