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What is FotoBuzz? It's an exclusive photography community hidden behind closed doors so members can enjoy expert articles, talk among themselves, ask for advice, upload images for critique and take part in competitions, all in a 100% safe environment. Membership is open to anyone who wants to learn about photography and have fun doing it!

Andy Rouse & Andrew James

FotoBuzz HQ

eXPERT ADVICE direct FROM the pros

FotoBuzz is a wealth of photography advice and information. It contains an archive of articles written by resident professional photographers and site creators Andy Rouse and Andrew James. Plus we have tutorials from Photoshop guru Jon Adams and guest features by landscape ace Guy Edwardes. We regularly add more articles, videos, audio tips, and images. It's all created EXCLUSIVELY for FotoBuzz members.

FotoBuzz members can read and bookmark any articles and refer back to them whenever they want. Thanks to our unique design all these articles are neatly archived and easily found. It's this depth of information that FotoBuzz members really value. 

Meet the team: Andy Rouse is a wildlife and aviation professional with a worldwide reputation for stunning photography. Andrew James is a highly experienced magazine editor, writer and pro photographer. Jon Adams is a creative Photoshop guru and tutor with an in-depth knowledge of how to get the most from every image. 

FotoBuzz content

We have written and illustrated articles on all manner of techniques and subjects. Our FotoSkool lessons will help your photography develop. You can also follow wildlife ace Andy Rouse's adventures and gain real insight into how he achieves his images. 

Fotoskool articles on general skills, landscapes, wildlife, portraits and more

FotoStories on Andy's wildlife adventures from around the world

Spotlights on our members' own photography

Competitions with expert and member voting 

Location guides to give you ideas on where to shoot

Exclusive learning videos

Whether it's Andrew James talking you through the basics of intentional camera movement images, Andy Rouse giving you the breakdown of how one of his award-winning images has been shot or Jon Adams revealing the secrets of Photoshop, we have lots of exclusive video and audio content for you to sit back and learn from. 

Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, image analysis and shooting techniques all filmed, recorded and explained in a down-to-earth and relaxed FotoBuzz style that will help you get to grips with the essential techniques for better photography and post-processing.


Many of our workshops & meetups are exclusively reserved for members, but the ones below are open to all. Booking onto a workshop automatically includes a FotoBuzz membership.

A friendly, 21st Century photography club

We're a real community of like-minded photographers of all-levels who love to get together in the real world as well as communicate online. Many members have made lifelong friends though FotoBuzz and meeting up for workshops and adventures is an essential part of the FotoBuzz experience. 

a few of the adventures our members have enjoyed 

Colours of Cuba: A fun, crazy and photography-filled trip to the sunny communist country

Venice weekend: Shooting the classic Venetian scenes and exploring the hidden places too

Creative Black & White: Photography and in-depth Photoshop tuition in deepest Norfolk 

Birds-of-prey action: Getting close to all sorts of raptors and learning how to photograph them


Free articles

Want to view the type of features you’ll enjoy and learn from with a FotoBuzz membership? Just click on the images below. There are lots more like these waiting for you inside.

Lightroom: Developing a black & white portrait

Canon 200-400mm Lens Review

Wild Boar Encounter

Cuban revolution

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